How To Stream From VLC To Your Chromecast

Before we start talking about the steps on “How to stream from VLC to Your Chromecast”, let’s just understand few of the basics.

What is a VLC Media Player?

Commonly known as VLC, VLC media player is a portable and cross-platform media player, free and open-source and streaming media server which was written by the VideoLAN project. The version of VLC is available for mobile platforms as well as desktop operating systems, such as Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, Tizen, Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. VLC can be found for download on the App stores such as  Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and Microsoft Windows Windows Store.

What is a Chromecast?

A  Chromecast a media player of digital origin which is created by Google. The device has a design of a small dongle and allows the user to enable it with the help of a mobile device or PC. This initiates the control playback of Internet-streamed for the audio/visual content to get displayed on the on a high-definition television or home audio system. This is done with the help of a mobile or any web app which carries the ability to support the Google Cast technology. Alternatively, content can be copied from the Google Chrome which is a web browser and run on a personal computer and on the screen of some Android devices.
Finally, what you all have been waiting for has reached here. Yes, after working for a very long time on the support of chromecast, the developers of VLC have made it through. Now, that the latest windows version of VLC has come out, it would now be possible for you to stream the audio as well as video files on your PC via VLC to your Chromecast.
There is an advice which would like to share with you –
The feature that will be provided here is unstable. There have been reports where it has been reported that the feature works perfectly while others have reported some issues with few kind of media files. The experience might differ for people but the feature is definitely in the initial stages. But still trying this feature is worth trying for and it will get better with time.

What do you need as of now?

The availability of this feature remains with the latest unstable “nightly” builds of 3.0 version of VLC. Right now, this characteristic is now featured in the windows. This is not found in the  Linux, Mac, and Android VLC versions. Therefore, a PC is needed as of now.
In order to start with the downloading and installation of the nightly build version of VLC for 32-bit Windows or VLC for 64-bit Windows, there is a need to get the .exe file from the pages that are provided here. Hence, you will be able to run the installation for this VLC version.

How to Chromeast Video From VLC?


  1. Now, that you have got the right version of VLC, you are all set to start. Initially, it is necessary for the user to make sure that the Chromecast is on. Remember that, if the USB port is connected with your TV for power then you will have to turn ON the TV.
  2. Next is that finding the “Cast” icon in VLC which you won’t get, not at the moment. Therefore, to get that icon, you will have to click on Video, then on Render and Scan.
  3. This will make sure that the VLC has scanned the nearby devices and therefore, you will be asked to click on the video option and then on Renderer and Your Chromecast. This will establish a connection between your VLC and Chromecast.
  4. Now that the connection has been established, just open the video file found in the VLC player and then you will be able to click on the “Play” button. Thereafter, use the option “Media” and open the “File menu”. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the video file onto the VLC window from your file manager.
  5. Now, when you will try to play the video, you will see a prompt saying “Insecure site” prompt. So click on the “View Certificate” button and you will be able to see the Chromecast’s security certificate.
  6. Here, you need to click on “Accept Permanently” so that the Chromecast’s certificate will get accepted.
  7. Once you have agreed, the video file will start to play on the chromecast along with the Chromecast which will stream the file on your computer from the VLC player.
  8. It is necessary that you take help of the VLC control to fast-forward, rewind, pause, and control playback.
  9. Lastly, when you try to stream again the near future, you just have to click on the Video button then on the Render menu to scan and finally establish a connection. Post this, the playing of video files could be done without any accepting of the certificate prompt.


Help, It Didn’t Work!

Facing difficulties? This characteristic may just require some extra time.  If this VLC trait doesn’t run fine for you at the minute, seek for different plan to see local video records on your Chromecast.
Downgrading back to the more stable version of VLC can be done by visiting the VLC’s homepage and downloading and installing the prevailing stable build. Conversion from VLC to Chromecast will become easy.


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